Find Great American Life Insurance Companies

What To Know About Insurers In The US

Most insurance in the US is regulated at the state level. There are some federal laws, but each of the 50 state insurance departments govern most of business conducted by companies in that particular state. This means that, even if a company is national or international, policies and prices will vary from state to state. Even the way that insurers are allowed to market their products is regulated at the state level.

That is why most insurance quote forms will ask you for a zip code first. The system needs to know where you live in order to come up with accurate quotes from local companies. The life insurance policy that your twin brother in Arizona bought may not be on the market in New Jersey. Even if it is on the market, you may not get the same deal that he did.

Find Great American Life Insurance Companies!

You may remember how hard it used to be to shop for a life policy. You may have to call around to set multiple appointments with many different agents. This could take a lot of time. It could be confusing to compare policies and premiums. In fact, it could even be pretty stressful since you also had to endure a lot of sales speeches.

The 21st Century Way to Compare US Insurance Companies

The net has made a lot of insurance shopping a bit easier. You have access to a lot of online information if you know what to look for. Simple and free online quote forms can give you competitive rates and plans before you have to speak with anybody. You are still free to speak with a professional agent in your area, and we advise most people to do this before they make a final buying decision. However, these days, many companies allow you to quote, compare, and even purchase American life insurance online!

Lists of The Best US Life Insurance Companies?

You have probably seen a lot of lists which attempt to rank insurance companies based upon different criteria. They usually compare prices, customer service, financial stability, and claims. These lists can be very interesting, however we are not sure that they are very useful to the average consumer who just wants to shop for a policy.

First, most insurance is regulated at the state level. If you look at a national list for your whole country, you may be looking at several insurers who do not even do business where you live. Rates and particular policies will also be local. This means that you can be sure that Life Insurance Company X is cheapest for you just because it is cheapest for your identical twin who lives in another state.

Another reason that lists of insurance companies may not be that useful is because you may have some particular needs that will be better served by a niche company that is too small to make a top 10 list. For example, some insurers may specialize in serving older people. Another may have a great variety of term or mortgage life insurance policies for younger families. It is important to find the company that serves you, and your family, the best.

Another issue with these lists of top life insurance companies is the fact that so many smaller insurers are actually owned by larger companies. When you actually trace these companies up the ladder, you tend to find that a few parent companies keep popping up as the owners.

How To Find Information On US Life Insurance Companies

One of the easiest ways to find out a lot about insurers in your area is by checking with your own state’s insurance department website. Many of these sites are very useful resources, and they exist to serve you! You can find the valid insurers in your state, complaints records, and get contact information if you want to check out any companies or agents.

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